Binders Full of Women? Mormon, Please. . .


Big Love

Mormon Facepalm

Apparently, Mitt Romney picked female employees as governor of Massachusetts the same way the polygamists on HBO’s Big Love picked their child brides. Note to Mitt: never use the phrase “binders full of women” again.

Girls on HBO is Awful on So Many Levels

HBO's GirlsI will admit from the start that, being a Gen X man, I am probably not the target audience of HBO’s new series, Girls. Regardless, the incessant hype leading up to the series had duped me into thinking that it would be a witty and insightful look into the lives of Gen Y women — something that anyone with a brain could like. I actually looked forward to its premier. After watching the first three episodes (I had allowed for the possibility that it would improve), however, I can only conclude that Lena Dunham, the show’s creator and star, is a witch who must be burned immediately to break the spell she has apparently cast over those who somehow have a positive opinion about this god-awful show.

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