Daniel Tosh Rape Joke Outrage — Get Over It, People

rape jokeAs many of you have heard, comedian Daniel Tosh has been attacked in the media recently for making a rape joke. The short story is that a woman in the audience during a Tosh performance at a comedy club took offense to Tosh joking about rape and decided to verbally express her disapproval. In response, Tosh reportedly joked how it would be funny if this woman was raped by, like 5 guys, right now. Well, the offended heckler (yes, if you interrupt a comedian you are a heckler) took to the blogosphere with her outrage, sparking a shitstorm of outrage over a manufactured issue: can rape be funny? I say that this is a “manufactured issue” because the real issue is whether there are any subjects that a comedian should not touch under any circumstances. I say no, and shame on all of you who can’t take a joke.

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