Binders Full of Women? Mormon, Please. . .


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Mormon Facepalm

Apparently, Mitt Romney picked female employees as governor of Massachusetts the same way the polygamists on HBO’s Big Love picked their child brides. Note to Mitt: never use the phrase “binders full of women” again.

Daniel Tosh Rape Joke Outrage — Get Over It, People

rape jokeAs many of you have heard, comedian Daniel Tosh has been attacked in the media recently for making a rape joke. The short story is that a woman in the audience during a Tosh performance at a comedy club took offense to Tosh joking about rape and decided to verbally express her disapproval. In response, Tosh reportedly joked how it would be funny if this woman was raped by, like 5 guys, right now. Well, the offended heckler (yes, if you interrupt a comedian you are a heckler) took to the blogosphere with her outrage, sparking a shitstorm of outrage over a manufactured issue: can rape be funny? I say that this is a “manufactured issue” because the real issue is whether there are any subjects that a comedian should not touch under any circumstances. I say no, and shame on all of you who can’t take a joke.

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Women: Don’t Vent to Men if You Don’t Want Our Advice

Woman Complaining to a ManAnyone who’s read John Gray’s Men Are From Mars, Women are from Venus knows that most of the time, when a woman shares her problems with her man, she doesn’t want his advice. She just wants to vent and have him listen. Conversely, when a man hears his woman’s problems, he instinctively want to help fix them, usually by offering her advice on what to do. I can say from personal experience that this is true. Usually, when this difference in gender communication habits is discussed, the author’s advice is for men to learn to shut up and just listen to women vent. I say this is bullshit.

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Online Dating — Angry Profiles are Not Attractive, Ladies

Angry Woman Online DatingApparently the online dating experience has left many women with a bad taste in their mouths. At least, that’s what I gather from the surprising number of women who sound downright angry in their online dating profiles. While I can understand women wanting to find a man who isn’t a lying, cheating, lazy creep who’s only looking for a one night stand, angrily proclaiming this desire in your online dating profile seems counter-productive. Guys who are creeps will ignore your warnings, while nice guys are likely to be scared off by your hostility. From a good guy’s point of view, allow me to suggest that there are more subtle and positive ways to get your point across, ladies, without alienating the good guys.

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Fat Women are Lazy, Thin Women are Bitchy — Say Other Women

Thin and Overweight WomanA recent poll of more than 1800 women ages 18 to 40 by Glamour magazine suggests something that most women probably already know — women instinctively judge each other pretty harshly when it comes to their weight. The study asked the female participants to imagine a woman they had never met and who was described solely as “overweight” or “thin”. Then, they gave the women a choice of two words, such as ambitious or lazy — plus the option to choose “neither” — to describe that imaginary woman. Significantly, the results of the study demonstrated negative views of both overweight and thin women, with each type receiving its own common criticisms.

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What to Say About Your Kids in Your Online Dating Profile

online dating motherIf you are a woman with children braving the online dating world, you should obviously disclose the existence of your kids in your online dating profile — most sites have this question as a simple “yes/no” in the standard profile. Beyond that, what else should you say? From a guy’s point of view, I’d advise saying as little as possible. Include only the type of information which would affect your dating availability. Leave out the stuff you’d use to impress your lady friends. Remember that your dating profile is not your Facebook page. It’s not a diary or a family photo album. It’s your brief opportunity to make a first impression with a man for the purpose of starting a romantic relationship. There’s nothing romantic about your parenthood status (at least not to men).

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