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The Apple Privacy Wall/Strategy Analysis of How Apple will Come at Oculus Next Year.

At IEquitech Ladies Breeches Size 14 BNWT we soon will be sharing research on the Spatial Computing industry, this post gives you a little taste. Contact Irena Cronin or me if you need business strategy help to enter the Spatial Computing world.

Apple is clearly going after Facebook. That became obvious to everyone today as Apple announced a ton of new things, including new AR features for its messenger, and new privacy-focused features, at its World Wide Developer’s Conference.

Irena and I are hearing that one of the devices, er, AR/VR head-mounted displays, Apple is considering launching next year could go directly after Oculus Quest and the rest of the VR space.

First, today we retweeted dozens of things from the Apple keynote over Msm Plus, Horse Supplement, gold Label, Joint Movement, 1kg - Label Plus 1kg, so if you have been away from the Internet today you can catch up on the Apple news, and reactions to it, there.

Since Oculus has such a head start, especially with its $400 Quest, how could Apple crush it?

We see several ways:

1. Go after VR as “unsafe.”
2. Go after Facebook as “privacy thief.”
3. Go after VR as “not good enough.”
4. Go after Oculus Quest as “not capable enough.”
5. Go after Oculus Quest as “not social enough.”

Let’s take these on one by one.

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I’ve seen this first hand. You can’t really use it in a subway. Why? You can’t see someone pickpocketing you. You can’t use it in a party at your house. Why? You will hit people standing around (this happened to my dad and it left him quite a bruise and was quite pissed since he didn’t realize someone was playing VR and that they couldn’t see him). You can’t use it in the street. Why? You won’t see a car or other danger coming toward you. Gatehouse Rxc1 Gepolsterter Hut Liner x Groß blackJhl Chasse Pectoral Havane CobApple could push AR further and say that AR is the way to go, and that it will expose VR’s unsafety.


In two years Spatial Computing, including Facebook’s Oculus VR headsets (we hear Facebook is working on Spatial Computing glasses too, along with many others like Microsoft, with its HoloLens, and Magic Leap) will have very advanced 3D imaging technologies and eye sensors,Cottage Handwerk 3d Coolflex Übung Bandagen Weiß XxBrogini Ladies Tivoli Front Zip Jodhpur Boots Brown along with cameras and microphones. SHIRES PERFORMANCE DRESSAGE SADDLECLOTH 17 -18 Shires Mens Stratford Performance Breeches GreyFacebook has done an awful job of protecting our privacy, even flaunting that privacy is dead (Facebook’s lawyer, today, said the same). Same with Google.

Apple is building a new privacy wall that will surround all of its services and devices. Yeah, it is a metaphorical wall, but it builds a huge strategic moat around its products and services that many are finding quite attractive. You saw that today based on applause during Apple’s keynote when these features were announced. We see Apple as making moves toward keeping user data from escaping over that privacy wall, SHIRES PERFORMANCE JUMP SADDLECLOTH - VARIOUS COLOURS - 17 -18 Equine Horse dental Speculum Mouth Gag and Dental Float Rasp Straight and Upwhich increases trust in its services (and usage, hence profitability).

Today Apple announced that it was forcing developers to use its own signon feature. You know all those apps that make it easy to sign on by clicking a Facebook or Google button? Now they will be forced to add an Apple button, too, and it promises to protect your privacy in several ways that Facebook and Google don’t, even creating randomly-created email addresses so that if that company starts spamming you you will be able to easily turn off that email address.

I get thousands of promotional emails a day. Why? Because I have signed up for so many services over the years and because my email address has always been public. So I know what a daunting problem email marketing and ad tech are for people. This new feature is hugely interesting to me and I’m really not a private person at all.Fortis Carp Fishing Isolators AM PM Amber Lens Polarised Sunglasses - IS002Preston Innovations Tyson 9ft Carp Feeder Most of the consumers and enterprise workers/execs we do research with are far more private than I am, and some demographics, like women or people of color have far deeper concerns about their privacy than I do. Even Facebook recognizes this, and at its F8 conference, gave many talks on how it was turning the corner on privacy and other issues hitting its users.


Predest Mädchen Hose Skihose Gr. 152 brown Neu cm Snowboardhose noesam1998-Salopettes & Trousers

Predest Mädchen Hose Skihose Gr. 152 brown Neu cm Snowboardhose noesam1998-Salopettes & Trousers

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I wrote this as a way to think through some of the issues coming in the Spatial Computing world in preparation for a book coming in 2020 that Irena Cronin and I are writing, but we decided not to run this in the book, so am running it here instead.

You will be fired if you don’t wear fourth paradigm Spatial Computing devices.

Those of us who have to wear older-style corrective lenses, like humans have worn for hundreds of years,  simply to see, already get that wearing something on your face makes life easier, safer, and even more enjoyable. We get that we couldn’t even keep our jobs if we didn’t wear glasses.

These corrective lenses in the form of glasses turn the world from blurry to sharp. From unreadable to readable. From headache inducing to beautiful. Yes, those of us who wear glasses would rather not wear them either, Sunset Ocean Seduction 420(100 200g)JRC Cocoon Carryall Large 2016 Modelif that was an option, but it isn’t. Without them life would simply suck and, yes, we’ve looked at all alternatives, from surgery to contacts. Glasses are simply better for many of us who have eyes that need optical correction.

People who wear glasses are already augmenting their world around them. Without them we can’t see the words on the screen in front of us as we type. Everytime we put on our glasses, the real world gets noticeably better. Abu Garcia NEW Vendetta Jerk Bait Lure Rod 6ft 3 - 60-100gWe can’t imagine living life without our glasses. Prologic C1a Carp Rod 12ft or 13ft 50mm NEW Fishing Rod All Test CurvesBULK 1000 IMITATION CORN CARP FISHING FLOATING POP UP ARTIFICIAL FAKE HOOK BAITSoon we won’t be able to imagine living life without devices that not just correct our vision but add new virtual and augmented reality capabilities to them.

They won’t stop at augmenting our eyes, either, Bose already has wearable devices (they look like glasses, but don’t really do much for your eyes, it’s rather your ears they focused on) that augment our hearing and there are tons of haptic devices being developed that augment our ability to feel, touch and other things.

In labs we’ve been visiting we’ve seen Spatial Computing glasses that are coming that will augment the world around even more. 18 kg Dynamite Baits High Oil Trout Pellet Powder - prefect to make into pasteGOOD ABU GARCIA LURE BOX WITH A LARGE COLLECTION OF SPEY MINNOWSWe call them fourth paradigm devices because they are the fourth paradigm that the personal computing era has brought us. More on the four paradigms in a bit.

We have already seen some devices like Google Glass that gave us a taste of how they would improve the world, even while introducing new problems, deepest amongst them was that they didn’t provide enough benefit to offset the real social costs of wearing a computing device and the weight that a computer put on our face. A FINE WOODEN FLY BOX WITH FLIES 9 X 6 Sonik SK-TEK Carryall - MediumThe small monitor that Google Glass showed us is tiny and not impressive at all when compared to devices that are coming on the market in 2020.

The fact that we can now state you will be fired for not wearing these new devices introduces yet even more social problems: there will be those who resist and resent those who wear these new devices. New cultural divides will appear. Preston Innovations Supera Large EVA Net BagSnowbee XS Delicate Presentation Floating Fly Line Pale Olive DPFNew privacy challenges, amongst others. That said, those who resist wearing will be putting themselves at a huge disadvantage to those who do wear the glasses. Given enough time we can see pretty much everyone will jump on board here, but the Amish prove that some people will resist new technologies. That said, most of you will probably not choose to live life like the Amish do, Leeda Rogue 7500 FD Big Pit Fishing ReelOkuma Altera Spin 9ft 15-40gdriving horse and buggy and resisting most smartphones and all the benefits computing brings.

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It used to be that motion capture was so expensive that only big movie studios could afford to do it. No more, we learned in New York.

Irena Cronin, CEO of Infinite Retina, and I are talking with people all over the world who are building Spatial Computing companies. Doing research for a book about the seven industries that will be disrupted by Spatial Computing in the 2020s we will be publishing in 2020. Entertainment is one of them, and this video shows the disruption is well underway.

This week we were at Altra Women's Intuition 2 - Grey bluee (A2333-1) to meet companies who are building synthetic characters and worlds for our computing of the future. Here we visit with Gavan Gravesen, founder and CEO of NIKE PRESTO FLY MENS SHOES TRAINERS UK SIZE 6 - 12 908019 204 medium olive, and Anand Ravipati, product manager, show us their latest work, Motion by RADiCAL, which senses humans in a new way: by using AI to convert videos coming from a standard smartphone camera.

Note Gravesen says that studios like Disney won’t be able to keep up with the 25 million content creators that are pumping content into YouTube and other places (he sees that number doubling between now and 2025).

This is significant. Why? They take a human captured on a standard 2D camera and turn that into a moving 3D skeleton that can be augmented in a digital world.

In a few minutes after you upload a video of yourself, or someone you captured dancing, up to RADiCAL’s servers,Puma Retaliate Sneakers Mens Gents Runners shoes Laces Fastened VentilatedPUMA SMASH SD CASUAL TRAINERS - RRP - FREE POSTAGE you get back a 3D model. By the end of 2020, and maybe by the end of 2019, they predict that entire process will be done on a modern smartphone without uploading.

What this means is we are about to be able to capture people, with a 2D camera on a smartphone, and get a virtual representation to use in a variety of ways. Bringing that model into a 3D tool like Unity. They also are exploring a bunch of self-contained consumer apps to do fun things with these 3D versions of ourselves.

Breakthroughs, like this, are happening all over the Spatial Computing space, with many more to come. McDavid 724Y Youths Hexpad Sliding Striker Football Compresion Shorts SALESalomon Mens Sense Pro T Shirt Tee Top Red Sports Running Breathable Reflective.